confessions of an irritable mother

Confessions of an Irritable Mother

I didn’t start off mean. And certainly being the ‘Meanest Mom in the World’ was never my goal.” >>>>MORE


"Karen Hossink does a wonderful job of encouraging irritable moms (without irritating them in the process)! Her warm engaging style of writing soothes the cranky soul and offers plenty of practical and inspirational advice for taming the frustrations of both the heart and home."

Julie Barnhill, International & National Speaker, Author of the best seller, She's Gonna Blow! Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger and Motherhood: The Guilt that Keeps on Giving.

Finding JoyFinding Joy -
More Confessions of an Irritable Mother

For moms, some days it's easy to be joyful. Remember your baby's first smile? His first steps? The first time she said, "Mama!"? How about the day he mastered riding a bicycle, or she finally learned to tie her shoes? These moments are precious — we can't help but remember them with joy!

But what about the days when there are no exciting firsts? >>>>MORE

"If you ever feel like being a mother is the best and the worst of all possible jobs, this is the devotional for you!  In Finding Joy:  More Confessions of an Irritable Mother, Karen Hossink reminds all of us to stop long enough to listen to God’s voice in the middle of frustration, interruptions, household noise, constant questions, and everyday chaos.  This book will let you know you are not alone and will give you renewed hope and courage as you face the daily challenges of being a mom.  Don’t miss it!"

Carol Kent, Speaker and Author
When I Lay My Isaac Down NavPress)
A New Kind of Normal(Thomas Nelson)

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