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For moms, some days it's easy to be joyful. Remember your baby's first smile? His first steps? The first time she said, "Mama!"? How about the day he mastered riding a bicycle, or she finally learned to tie her shoes? These moments are precious — we can't help but remember them with joy!

But what about the days when there are no exciting firsts?

When today is just like the day before, with its laundry, cleaning, whining and cooking. What about the days when your children are driving you nuts, you're feeling frustrated and you just want to run away? Can there really be joy in days like these?

Though it doesn't always feel like it, Karen Hossink thinks so. "My friend I am here to tell you the joy and the pleasure of God’s company are possible. Yes, they are possible even in the midst of motherhood."

Join Karen on a journey toward finding joy, as she shares candidly about her mothering struggles and the ways God reveals Himself in the middle of them. Learn to recognize God's presence in the mundane and frustrating moments of your life as Mom and discover that you, too, can find joy.

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"If you ever feel like being a mother is the best and the worst of all possible jobs, this is the devotional for you!  In Finding Joy:  More Confessions of an Irritable Mother, Karen Hossink reminds all of us to stop long enough to listen to God’s voice in the middle of frustration, interruptions, household noise, constant questions, and everyday chaos.  This book will let you know you are not alone and will give you renewed hope and courage as you face the daily challenges of being a mom.  Don’t miss it!"

Carol Kent, Speaker and Author
When I Lay My Isaac Down (NavPress)
A New Kind of Normal (Thomas Nelson)

"Karen Hossink, the self-proclaimed “Irritable Mother,” walks readers through her personal parenting moments, through which she discovers a deeper relationship with the Lord. God has used Hossink’s own children to transform her and reveal Himself to her more fully—now, through this devotional, she passes on insights and personal revelations to the reader. Walk with her to a place of prayerful introspection and deeper faith in Jesus Christ. "

Ann Kroeker, Author
The Contemplative Mom (Shaw Books)
Not So Fast (David C. Cook)

"God continues to use and transform this "irritable mother" into a joyful servant of our Most High God. Karen Hossink blends real-life situations we all face in frustration as moms, and brings out the biblical correlation so we can see ourselves in relation to God. You will laugh and cry and be filled with uncontained emotion as you read.

Most of all, you will be blessed beyond measure by this true-blue best friend who is willing to spend priceless moments with you. Finding Joy is a MUST READ for all moms."

Julie Baker, Founder of TimeOut for Women! and Author
TimeOut for Holiness at Home (Cook Communications)


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