Speaker for Women & Moms - Karen Hossink

Karen’s openness and honesty, and her willingness to share from her heart about her struggles - and the hope she’s found - have made her a popular speaker for womens and mothering groups.

She has an engaging style and effectively mixes humor with deep sharing to elicit both laughter and tears from her audiences.

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Topics for Women and Moms Groups

Karen is happy to develop presentations according to your group's theme. However, if you are in need of ideas feel free to choose from this selection.

Are You Sure It's Time, Lord?

Mary gave birth to Jesus in a lonely stable, in an over-crowded city, far away from home and all things familiar. Did God really know what He was doing when He set this plan in motion? Have you ever wondered if God had His wires crossed when He was orchestrating the plans for your life? In this Advent message, Karen will remind and assure you God knows what He's doing and His timing is perfect.
Target audience: Women of all ages

Be Still: God's Got This

As women, we have so much to do. Families, homes, careers, etc. And we often feel as though the outcome all depends on us. What if we learned to let go of the control we think we have? What if we believed God can handle it? Spend time studying Exodus 14 with Karen, and you'll discover - He can!
Target audience: Women of all ages

But How Can You Understand Me?

We've all heard that God understands everything we face. But He was never a mom. How can He possibly understand what it's like to be us??? Spend a few "days" with Jesus in the Gospels and you'll see that He really does understand what moms face every day. You'll be amazed. And wait until you see what we can learn from Him!
Target audience: Mothers

Confessions of an Irritable Mother

"The bottom line? God is using my children, and my struggles as a mother to make me into the woman He wants me to be!" Though she once thought her children were destined to ruin her, Karen now knows God is using them to transform her. You will discover hope as you consider how God is using the hard times in your life for His good purposes.
Target audience: Mothers

Delighting His Heart

We're all aware that God takes pleasure in making us instruments of His love to the world around us. But have you ever considered the fact that it thrills the Father's heart to simply pour His love out on you? This message will assure you - God delights in loving us, just as much as He delights in using us!
Target audience: Women of all ages

Don't Make Decisions While You're Running Uphill

We've all been there. Struggling to stay the course when the journey is difficult. We're tired and hurting and we want to give up. Is there really any benefit in persevering? Join Karen on her morning jog and find out why you shouldn't make decisions while you're running uphill.
Target audience: Women of all ages

Finding Joy

Being a mom is hard. To be sure, it can be delightful. But it can also be confusing, tiring, frustrating, and simply overwhelming. In Finding Joy, Karen shares candidly about her mothering struggles and the ways God reveals Himself in the middle of them. Learn to recognize God's presence in the mundane and frustrating moments of your life as Mom and discover that you, too, can find joy.
Target audience: Mothers

Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Look Up!

In the midst of suffering, where is your focus? To whom do you go for help? Take an in-depth look at Psalm 22 and discover how both your relationship with God, and the object of your attention impact your ability to navigate through life's trials.
Target audience: Women of all ages

Quiet Time? What's That??!!

Before you had children did you enjoy quiet, uninterrupted devotions? Daily? And now that you have kids running around, constantly needing something from "Mooooommmmyyy!" have you succumbed to the feeling you'll never have decent "time with God" again? Prepare to be surprised as you discover you can have delightful fellowship with God in the midst of the chaos.
Target audience: Mothers

Surviving Motherhood

Who knew being a mom would be so hard? There's so much to do and so much to know. How can one woman possibly do it all? When you begin to understand grace, you'll discover "doing it all" doesn't matter. Fall fully into the arms of God and trust Him to carry you through.
Target audience: Mothers

That's Impossible!

Have you ever faced a situation which seemed completely impossible to you? Karen will lead you through a close look at The Feeding of the Five Thousand and show you - with Jesus our impossible situations are not impossible.
Target audience: Women of all ages

What are You Waiting For?

At times God responds to our needs immediately, and on occasion we have to wait. Like the disciples who sat in the boat upon a stormy lake, sometimes we don't like it when God delays. But when we remember He can be trusted, and when we discover God is making something beautiful out of the wait, we find the pause can lead to praise.
Target audience: Women of all ages


Karin Bol, Women's Ministries Director, Calvary Church, Holland, Michigan

Karen exceeded our expectations for a retreat speaker by bringing a solid knowledge of the Bible and refreshing ways to examine scripture. She blessed us with her singing voice and brought us to a place of worship and reflection. Karen joined in with the fun and connected with many of our ladies. She shared her heart and her struggles and that made her someone we could relate with. I highly recommend Karen for any event for women...you will be pleased!

Cathy Bytwerk, Coordinator of Women's Ministries, Trinity Church, Lansing, Michigan

I have known Karen for 8 plus years. She has a heart that is dependent on God for guidance in her daily life. She not only speaks about what God is doing in her life she lives it! I highly respect Karen’s zeal to share with other mothers what God has taught her about parenting. She speaks with humbleness, sincerity, experience, and joy.

Pastor Brad Mitchell, The River Church, Liberty Township, Ohio

I have had the privilege of knowing Karen, her husband, Brian, and their children for six years as their pastor. When I first met them they were going through a tremendous physical trial surrounding Karen’s health. What I observed was a woman whose faith is deep and genuine, a marriage that is full of love and anchored in Christ, and a devotion to her children that is well worth imitating.

Karen follows Jesus with a richness, strength and depth that flow out as a blessing to those around her. I highly recommend Karen to you for your ministry event.


From Sarah G., Macomb, MI

Karen Hossink is a dynamic and inspirational speaker. She puts into words things every mother thinks and feels but is afraid to say. Her illustrations and humorous approach to the daily struggles we face as a mom gives all we do new meaning. At many times throughout her talk I saw moms nodding in agreement, with tears in their eyes. Many moms told me that they felt she was speaking directly to each one of them. Karen is a wonderful witness to God's love and the ultimate joy we truly experience as mothers --- even when those irritable times hit. I, along with my MOPS group, would highly recommend Karen as a speaker and look forward to her return visit.

From Lori H., Safety Harbor, FL

Karen touched the heart of each mom as she told stories of her own struggles with irritability in raising her kids. She shared a message of hope and brought encouragement to moms who thought they were alone in their struggles with frustration and anger. Her gentle message broke through the barriers that often prevent us talking about this 'taboo' subject.

Our group has many unsaved and searching moms. Karen was the perfect venue to bring the hope that only comes from knowing our personal Savior- Jesus Christ. We had the best participant feedback about any of our speakers thus far.

I would highly recommend her for your consideration of future speakers. She was a pleasure to work with, extremely professional, yet fun and great to get to know- not only as a sister in the Lord, but also as a friend.

From Kati R., Autumn Ridge Church MOPS, Rochester, MN

Karen Hossink is a wonderful speaker, but beyond that, she is a godly woman with a wonderful message to stressed-out, overwhelmed moms. We had Karen speak to our MOPS group and so many women have been blessed by her truthfulness and honesty, as well as her ministry. I encourage all moms to hear her message of hope.

From Melia P and Laurie S, Southridge Reformed Church MOPS, Kalamazoo, MI

Karen Hossink's presentation touched the hearts of many of the mothers in our MOPS group. Sharing the story of her walk with Jesus through parenting trials allowed many of us to see God's hope and to begin to visualize a path for ourselves. She spoke honestly and with levity, making a serious topic touching and enjoyable at the same time. We thank God that she's entering the lives of and sharing this message with so many mothers that need to hear it.

From Stacy S., Midland, MI

Karen Hossink is a very talented and wonderful speaker for any group of moms. As a mother herself, she speaks to every mom's heart. She is real with her message and will have you laughing at one moment and tearing up the next. Karen lets you know that you do not have to be, nor will you ever be, the perfect mother. But that is OK. God is using our children to refine us into His image. Our group was truly blessed by Karen's message, and I would highly recommend her to any group!

From Christi H., Holt, MI

Karen, Thank you again for coming to share with us today. Your talk was awesome. It touched my heart and gave me some practical things I can do when I feel overwhelmed. You are authentic and honest and you give hope. Here are some comments I got out of the comment box today…Thought you would like to hear what they said:

The speaker did an awesome job using the image of the silversmith to portray how our God loves us and sees us.

Thank you for your honesty. You have a beautiful voice. Thank you for your courage to share your story.

Awesome speaker. She is the best one this semester. I can tell that she is speaking from the heart. I loved the analogy to silver. Great visual to think of on a daily basis.

Karen – I can so identify with your talk. Thank you for sharing these struggles with us, sharing your heart. Your songs were beautiful. I appreciated the encouragement that this is a process that is being refined. I can look at my trials in a new way.

From Barb Y., Lansing, MI

Two thumbs way up for Karen Hossink's “Refined Like Silver: Confessions of an Irritable Mother”. Karen speaks straight from the heart, providing insight into every mom’s greatest frustration -- challenges with her children. Your group will laugh, cry, and experience some awesome ahh ha moments. The bottom line reminds us that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the only answer to understanding (and surviving) our role as mothers. Karen's talk was extremely well received by our group, whether unchurched, investigating the claims of Christ, or believer, as evidenced by our Mid-Year Evaluation. Quite often we will find our more "spiritual" speakers receive a middle-of-the-road rating by the non-believers in our group; Karen was rated "Excellent" as a speaker across the board.

From Lisa A., Fenton, MI

Karen Hossink was the speaker for our February MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting. What a blessing she was to our entire group. She spoke on being a real mom (and not a perfect mom) and what God has been teaching her throughout this journey. She had awesome testimonies of her experiences, beautiful songs to go with it and perfect scripture references to share with us. There was not one mom in our entire group who wasn’t moved by what she shared.

Karen was also very organized and prepared and she stayed on track with the time limitations that we had discussed before hand. She was also willing to stay with our group for discussion afterward. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your group.

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